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The GreenStream Pipeline

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GreenStream BV – The LGTS system (Libyan Gas Transmission System)

The GreenStream System conveys dry and sweet natural gas from coastal facilities in Libya to Italy, via an offshore pipeline (OPL), with associated initial gas compressor station (MGCS) and a receiving terminal (SRT).
The GreenStream System is part of the Western Libya Gas System, which includes:

  1. Gas Compression Station at Mellitah (MGCS), aside the Gas Treatment Plant, that compresses the Gas to be exported, up to the pressure required for the export to the Italian Gas Transport Network (up to 212 bar max. allowable operating pressure).
  2. A single 32” ND Offshore Pipeline (OPL), 516 km long, to export the gas from Mellitah Gas Compressor Station to Italy (Sicily). The maximum water depth along the route is 1150 m.
  3. A single 32” ND offshore spur (SPUR), 7.4 km long, laid in the Sicilian shore approach from the Receiving Terminal to a water depth of 19.5 m.
  4. Receiving Terminal in Sicily (SRT), to receive the gas from the OPL and to let it into the Italian Gas Transport Network.


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