In conducting its activities, GreenStream is committed to limiting the environmental footprint in both its upstream and downstream activities. To this end, it adopts advanced risk assessment procedures during the entire operative cycle in order to prevent and control its impact on the territory and to protect and conserve biodiversity.

In this context GreenStream fundamental objectives are:

  • develop technologies that are increasingly safe and with a lower environmental impact;
  • strength the capacity to prevent risks of soil and water contamination;
  • guarantee high environmental standards in activities carried out in extreme environments;
  • improve energy efficiency and the sustainable management of environment at its sites.

GreenStream conducted a marine environment monitoring programme during the construction of the Libyan Gas Transmission System.
A comprehensive monitoring plan to comply with obligations of the Environmental Impact Assessment presented to Italian and Libyan Authorities was executed with suitable accredited Contractors at Mellitah and Gela shore approaches area. The plans evaluated the sensitivity of natural resources and the relevant impacts of the sealine on the a-biotic components. At Italian area, the overall monitoring period lasted three years after the laying of the pipeline was completed. The project information was filled in the WEB GIS (Geographical Information System) Territorial Information System and relevant data and information supplied to Italian Authorities.

Other activities in progress are:

  • continuing of execution of Environmental Monitoring activities in the Natural Reserve “Biviere and Macconi di Gela”, in accordance with the DEC/EIA n. 6383 issued by the Ministry of the Environment on 24.08.2001, within the compensation activities for construction of the gas pipeline from Libya;
  • reduce pollutant releases to the environmen;
  • reduce waste generations and responsibly manage waste disposal.