Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

The Corporate Responsibility for GreenStream BV is essentially based on:

  • principles and values stated within the Eni’s Code of Ethics;
  • full compliance of the legal provisions in force;
  • constant commitment to promote and give value to the professional abilities and skills of employees;
  • behaviour and commitment that GreenStream employees daily have and promote during the executing of their activities.

Code of Ethics

In conducting its activities as an international company, Eni refers to the protection of human and labour rights, of safety and the environment, as well as to the system of values and principles concerning transparency and integrity, energy efficiency and sustainable development, as outlined by international institutions and conventions.
In this respect, Eni reaffirms its commitment to operate within the framework of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Fundamental Conventions of the ILO – International Labour Organization – and the OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises, with particular reference to the areas concerning the protection of labour rights, freedom of association, the rejection of all forms of discrimination, forced and child labour, corruption, the safeguarding of dignity, health and safety at the workplace, the respect for natural biodiversities and the protection of the environment.
Moreover, Eni is committed to actively contribute to promoting the quality of life and the socio-economic development of the communities where it operates and to the development of their human resources and capabilities, while conducting its business activities in internal and external markets according to standards that are compatible with fair commercial practice.
All activities are carried out in the awareness of the Social Responsibility that the Eni has towards all of its stakeholders, in the belief that the capacity for dialogue and interaction with civil society constitutes an important asset for the company.Therefore, Eni is committed to spreading an awareness of its values and principles both within and outside the Company and to implementing adequate control procedures. GreenStream has adopted the Eni Code of Ethics, and assigned the functions of Guarantor to the Watch Structure of GreenStream BV.

OdV Greenstream BV

  • Code of Ethics (Italian/English)

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  • Code of Ethics (Italian/Arab)

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Administrative Responsibility

Model 231

Italian Legislative Decree 231 of 8 June 2001 introduced rules and regulations concerning the administrative liability of companies. These rules and regulations state that companies can be held responsible, and consequently subject to sanctions, for any offences committed or attempted in the interests or to the advantage of the company itself by the company’s directors or employees. Companies can, therefore, adopt organisational, management and control models (“Model”) designed to prevent these offences.

“Model 231” includes the Eni Code of Ethics and is made up of an organic set of principles, rules and disposition to realize and manage a control and monitoring system on sensitive activities to prevent the commission of crimes foreseen by LD 231/2001 .

Model 231 of GreenStream BV has been firstly adopted on 2005 and subsequently updated in order to extend it to the new type of crimes, added within the time, pursuant to administrative liability of companies; until the new version adopted by Board of Directors Resolution on July, 29th, 2010.

  • Model 231 (Italian/English)

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