GreenStream dedicates considerable efforts and resources to ensure the safety of its personnel, the communities in which it operates and its production sites.

Safety is a commitments that GreenStream has in the first place towards its employees, but also towards all the people involved in its operating activities and stakeholders.

GreenStream pursues the objective of developing and applying methodologies and techniques that are in line with international best practises and aimed at strengthening the management of safety, prevention and hygiene at work in its fundamental aspects and above all:

  • the identification, evaluation and mitigation of risks connected with all productive activities;
  • the development and implementation of performance monitoring methods;
  • the thorough planning of actions for the management of possible emergencies.

GreenStream requires its subsidiaries to fill out the “Forms for quarterly collection of data on injuries and accident” on a quarterly basis and once per year the similar one as final account of the current calendar year. These forms represent a valid tool for periodic verification, useful for the purposes of continuous improvement of the safety level in workplaces and sites, with the same data requested (e.g. average work force, hours worked, kilometres driven, number of injuries, number of road accident, days of absence) for GreenStream employees as well as contractors.

GreenStream is committed not only to our employee well-being, but that of their families and surrounding communities as well.

Some example of commitments and activities in progress are:

  • continuing with H2S Monitoring Service for Mellitah Gas Compression Station and related maintenance assistance services.
  • up-grading of new Fence and Integrated Safety System (ISS) in its sites MGCS and SRT, as well as offices;
  • continuing with the global service agreement for the maintenance and use of SiRCoS (Underwater Pipeline Repairing System), for the safety of the underwater pipeline;
  • WEB GIS, a system web-base to manage the sealine and other related information;
  • training for improving to our employees in security sector.

Safety-Day in MGCS

The Company, together with the main Contractor working for Maintenance Services and Assistant to Operations in MGCS, reached the important target of 1.000.000 Man-Worked-Hours without Lost-Time Injuries (LTI) in five straight years from October 2004 to October 2009.
A Safety-Day was held on 17 December 2009 in MGCS at the presence of the Management of the two Companies and all collaborators/employees/workers who contributed to such important achievement.

The event permitted to underline the importance that Safety plays within the prevention of risks during the execution of activities of the Company and that Safety represents one of the fundamental elements of the HSE Integrated Management System.
Such event also allowed to make all operators working in MGCS awake to the importance of the spread of culture for safety at any Company’s level.

Safety and HSE day in SRT Gela

Wednesday 21 April 2010 the “Safety and HSE day in SRT Gela”, organised by the Italian Branch of GreenStream, took place in the Sicily Receiving Terminal, as celebration day for the important results got so far by the Company within HSE framework thanks to all personnel operating for and with the Company, as opportunity to think about the Safety on Work and the fulfilment of main protection of the Environment and Health of personnel, as well as a chance to promote the culture of safety on work and protection of the HSE principles as shared values by persons and Company.

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