The protection of health in GreenStream is guaranteed by an integrated management system, which conforms to international OHSAS regulation 18001:2007 and is based on the specific health standard in force in the countries where the company operates, as well as relevant best practices for the matter. GreenStream is strongly committed to promoting and guaranteeing the protection of the health of its employees and of their families and surrounding communities as well.

GreenStream adopts the most advanced principles, standards and solutions and updates its procedures in relation to the specific business operating needs and to the health situations, and pursues improvements in health conditions according to contents methods agreed upon also with trade union organizations.

GreenStream activities in the field of health are based on three guiding principles:

  • prevention;
  • protection;
  • promotion.

The tools used for the application of these principles are: healthcare and controls, training and information.

Some example of commitments and activities in progress are:

  • continuing with the registration for GreenStream BV - Libyan Branch for relevant employees to 11th June Medical Centre in Tripoli and supported by proper medical doctor in case of need for all employees and relevant familie;
  • Continuing with Service Agreement with Mellitah Oil & Gas for the medical clinic and First Aid in Mellitah;
  • An health prevention program in Libya for all employees starts with pre-employment medical fitness examinations and continues with periodic monitoring of employees psychological-physical conditions, their training and education;
  • Regular annual anti-flu vaccinations for all employees, on a volunteer basis;
  • Specific vaccination for all Libyan employees and relevant families (e.g. hepatitis B), on a volunteer basis;
  • Adhesion to various Eni’s preventive medical or health controls, campaigns and news;
  • Spread of various health pamphlet and information available on the market, to properly inform the employees and relevant families of health matters, contributing to a“ prevention culture”.